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    Welcome to DesignGaming

    Please carefully read EACH of the rules below, as failure to comply with any rule can result in warnings, infractions and even bans!

    Your Account

    -Multiple Accounts
    Multiple accounts are not allowed. Do not make multiple accounts to give yourself: Rep, Thanks, Gifts or Ribbons. If you have multiple accounts they will be deleted, and there's a possibility of you receiving an IP ban.

    Do not beg for Rep or anything.

    Advertising is not permitted with the exception of one or two, i.e. YouTube or Google. DO NOT advertise other forums, pornography or clan websites. If you wish to invite people to your website or link them to another, depending on which site it is, do it via PM. Ask a moderator if it’s acceptable to ask a friend to join via PM. Posting links which appear as other sites, whether it be another forum, pornography or any illegal content but directing to any page page via a "url" tag will be punished in the same was as normal advertising.

    -Impersonating Others
    Stealing another person’s identity is not allowed. This could be anything from saying you are a mod to changing your username to look similar to any other member, including staff.

    -Hacking Accounts
    Phishing, hacking or signing in on another person’s account strictly forbidden. If you are found to be hacking members of this website you will receive a permanent ban, even if it is a small virus, you will be banned.

    Signatures and avatars are available for all members, but no more than 2 can be used at one time. They can be whatever size you like, as long as they: do not break the page/fit the size allocated. Most content is allowed with the exception of Forum Rules. You're allowed website's in your signatures, with the exception of a couple and the text size must be the standard font size or smaller. Ask a Mod/Admin if you're unsure as to what these are. If you are going to add a picture related to your forum, they must be no bigger than a standard user bar (350x19px).

    - Behaviour to Members

    Flaming will not be tolerated. This includes petty name calling to full on abuse, threats of any kind and general rudeness. All people involved will be punished. If you feel someone is treating you unfairly, simply press the report button at the bottom of that person's post, and a Mod/Admin will deal with it. Do not become involved in an argument!

    Discrimination or racism towards anyone will not be tolerated. This includes religious/personal beliefs, race, colour, gender, language, etc. Treat others as you wish to be treated otherwise you could be banned.

    Moderators are equal to all members of this website. Please do not try to use a Moderator in defence of something/someone or as a witness. This can put a Mod in a difficult position. Also, if moderator applications occur, or promotions are approaching, do not try to nominate anyone. It will be picked up on and will severely decrease your chances of promotions

    Forum rules still apply! Posting any sort of websites that may move/resize the windows of a web browser, or create many additional dialogues in an attempt to make it difficult to close, will result in an infraction as it may cause the user to have to shut down their browser to close it. If anyone breaks the rules in the shoutbox, there is no “report” button so you will have PM a moderator. This also stands for on the forums. Any sort of spoilers, moderation codes or quotes along with anything that will either stretch the shoutbox or imitate a prune will be classes as a spam.

    -Section Rules
    Some sections have their own set of rules which you must also follow. If you can’t find these, they are usually a sticky at the top of the page made by an administrator or moderator. They will specify the rules of this section as some sections have slightly different rules.

    Do not spam links to your thread, do not ask for something every 3 seconds and do not spam the smilies. Other members will find this very annoying and you could be banned from the shoutbox.


    Spamming the forums will be picked up on, and dealt with accordingly. Spam can be anything from a person posting the same thing twice, giving one word answers and "jsdfjkjalhj." One word answers are only permitted in the "Forum Games" section. If you have nothing constructive to say, don't Post! Check to see if what you are posting has already been posted. Usually just typing in the title will do it. Also don’t hijack threads by linking to posts you’ve made in other people’s threads or it will be deleted along with your thread.

    -Referral sites
    Do not post sites where you either have to sign up under someone’s username or have to click in order for them to be able to gain prizes. If you were smart enough you would be able to get all these without having the trick the forum into helping you in less the time.

    -Misleading Content
    Do not post threads in order to mislead a member. This could be anything from phrasing a question as a tutorial or saying it is one thing and it being completely different.

    -Adult Material
    Do not post any kind of pornography or any sort of image if the human genitalia. This could be anything from videos like 1 man 1 jar and pictures like bluewaffle, to just a picture of a nipple. There are young users on this site so respect their innocent ways.

    -Bumping Threads
    Bumping threads will be picked up on. This means if a thread has not been posted in for a while, DO NOT post in there to bump it back up to the 'New Post' section this is made clearly by the warning box below quick reply. However, if you have something constructive to put forward into the thread, please post it. If you are just going to post "thanks" you will be site warned.

    -Ripping Content
    Ripping content from other users, websites or copy write material is not allowed here. Create it yourself! If you submit material to the GFX section that is not your own/ripped/copied, you will receive a ban from that section.

    - Reporting a Post
    Simple to do, and avoids any confrontation between members. The report button can be found in the bottom left of a person’s post, and is either a triangle, with red edges or a button with a * inside it. By clicking this, a report is sent to the moderators/administrators, where it is dealt with from there.

    - Backseat Moderating
    Backseat Moderating is the act of posting in a thread as a "moderator" saying something like "mods please close" or "move this thread to this forum." This is not allowed at DesignGaming. Instead, please use the report post button to alert a moderator more quickly and conveniently. All posts like this will be treated as spam and deleted. If there are several occurrences some warnings and infractions may be shown.

    Please make sure that what you are trying to say is understandable. Using long sentences with no punctuation is hard to see what people are saying. Using all capitals or capitals in front of every word can also annoy users.

    Do not feed the trolls or even become one. Posting a fake thread about how you are going to commit suicide or anything like that is trolling. This can get you into serious trouble with moderators and huge amounts of reputation can be lost as other members do not approve.

    Leaking premium content to other sites will either be a removal of your premium status or a permanent ban depending on the circumstances. Leaking from premium to non-premium will result in a temporary ban but the infractions will no expire.

    Depending on what is scammed the consequences vary. Scamming of real life goods or real life money is a permanent ban. Scamming of small amounts of vbux is a temporary ban and large amounts is more serious. The larger amount you scam, the more severe the consequences.


    -Negative rep
    Overusing the negative reputation button or not giving a valid reason for removing someone's rep can give you a warning for misusing the privilege.

    -Rep for ___
    Asking for rep in exchange for anything is against the rules.


    Warnings are given when the member has broken a certain rule, but not that severely. So say for double posting or accidental spamming, the member will be given a warning, just to let him/her know that they didn't need to do the action in question.

    Infractions are given when someone has failed to comply with the rules, has posted something they shouldn't have, is being insulting to/rude/flaming other members, etc. If you are not happy with the decision there is a section you can challenge the infraction given to you.

    1 Point is a strong warning.
    2 Points is a very strong warning, edging on a ban.
    3 Points is a 5 day ban.
    4 Points is a 7 day ban.
    5 and above points is permanent ban.

    -Warning/Infraction Forum
    This forum is the place you can go to challenge a warning/infraction given. Find the post stating you have received one, and you can post in there to dispute it. If you have proof or an alibi that you were not in the wrong, they are allowed to post in there also to help you out/back you're case! Do not post in a thread which isn’t your infraction.

    Stick to the rules and enjoy your time here at DesignGaming, if you have anything to add or anything is conflicting please let us know!

    Moderators reserve the right to move/remove/close posts without telling users where or what has happened to their posts. If you need to report a moderator please see an administrator with the appropriate proof. Moderators and administrators will NEVER ask you for your password. You should never give it out any NewLinePlayers account details. DesignGaming is not responsible for content uploaded but its users.

    For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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