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    perks in black ops


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    perks in black ops Empty perks in black ops

    Post  you_da_jew on Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:57 pm

    there is some new perks there is
    lightweight-move faster
    scavenger-replenish ammo
    ghost-remain hidden from enemy spy planes
    flak jacket-take less explosive damage
    hardline-earn killstreak rewards with one less kill
    hardened-penetrate walls and objects with deeper bullet impact
    scout-holder breath longer when scaped
    steady aim-maintain increased accuracy when firing from hip
    sleight of hand-reload weapens faster
    warlord-equip two attachments to your primary weapen
    tactical mask-protect yourself against nova gas
    marathon-sprint for longer time
    ninja-move silently
    second chance-pull out your pistols before dying
    hacker-detect enemy equipment, explosives, turrets
    there you go there are all the perks on black ops make more posts on here and tell me what perks you like to use

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