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    PS3 downgrage with apple products


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    PS3 downgrage with apple products  Empty PS3 downgrage with apple products

    Post  OffDaMeds on Fri Dec 10, 2010 6:07 pm

    All right guys, so I have seen couple tutorials around PV; but here is a really nice one I have wrote it for you guys:

    When iDevice is mention, it = iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1G for this tutorial.

    - Do NOT follow this tutorial if your iDevice has been jailbroken using Spirit!
    - I do not take no fault if you mess up any thing.
    - You loose every thing store in your PS3. So make sure to BACK-UP your PS3 first!

    What you will need: Jailbroken iDevice
    Make sure it is 3.0 to 4.1!

    what you need to download
    : Open SSH
    1- Press to launch Cydia from your Springboard
    2- Choose the Sections tab in Cydia (from the lower menu)
    3- Navigate to the one saying Networking in the categories.
    4- Find OpenSSH (it will be in the letter O)
    5- Click the Install button on the top right of the screen.
    6- Click Confirm button at the top right of the screen.
    7- Back-Out into Home Screen
    8- Click OpenSSH
    9- Click Enable

    - Install Vmware Player and create a virtual machine with the Ubuntu 10.04
    Desktop you downloaded. Or if you have Ubuntu installed on a computer, that also works.
    - Get OpenSSH installed on your ipod.
    - Start up VMware with Ubuntu
    - Download openiboot from the link above and put it on the desktop of Ubuntu
    - Open the rar file and extract the files. Drag the openiboot folder to your home folder in Ubuntu
    - In the home folder open openiboot folder and find "loadibec" and "oibc" and right click. Go to permissions and set each of them to read write on all options and also check the box that allows them to be executed
    - Open terminal from applications - accessories
    - In the terminal type "cd ~/openiboot" without the quotes. press enter
    - Now type "sudo su" press enter. Enter your password that you setup while setting up VM
    - Next put your ipod in recovery mode. - Step 1. Turn off your iPhone. - Step 2. Hold down the power and home button. - Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down. - Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that its in restore mode.
    - In terminal type "./loadibec openiboot.img3" you should see openiboot show up on your ipod's screen. If not you need to make sure you set the permissions for the files in the openiboot folder correctly in the step earlier. Also, you need to make sure you are on 3.1.2 JB with blackra1n
    - On iPod touch press the power button once and you will see console highlighted on ipod screen.
    - Now in terminal on Ubuntu go ahead and type "./oibc" but do not press enter yet
    - On ipod press home button. You will see it boot into a terminal and display some text. As soon as you see that press enter on the keyboard on Ubuntu. You should then see the same text in the terminal window as you see on ipod. - If you do not see the text and just see some dots at the bottom of the terminal that means your timing was off.
    - Press and hold home and power on the ipod until it restarts. Put it in recoevery mode and start over
    - Once the commands quit scrolling by in the terminal you should see welcome to openiboot at the bottom. At this time type "install" in the terminal and press enter
    - It will start installing openiboot on the ipod. This will take a few minutes. It will say finished when it is done
    - Once it is finished disconnect your ipod from the computer and you can close Ubuntu, you are done with it for good.
    - Press and hold power and home on the ipod. You will end up back at the openiboot screen.
    - Just presss the home button as iphone os will already be selected and this will start your ipod like normal.
    - Now on your PC extract the ipt1g folder from the psfreedom rar file.
    - connect winscp to your ipod in scp mode. Username is "root" Pass is "alpine"
    - Make sure you are in \system\private\var
    - click and drag the "android.img.gz" and "zimage" files over to the win scp window. Make sure you do not drag it into any of the folders in var, just in var. You may need to streach the winscp window to expose some blank space to drag the files to.
    - Now right click on each of the files and set the permissions to 777 and click ok
    - Done, now USE IT! (Thanks to ChrisTechTV for tutorial)

    1 Flash Drive or Storage Device
    2 is recommended but 1 would work just fine as well.

    1- UnZip the you installed into your desktop.
    2- Open the folder "Downgrade", and go into "iPhone - iPod" folder.
    3- Click in which ever device you have.
    4- Enable OpenSSH in your iPhone / iPod
    5- Open WinSCP and for IP, type your iPhone / iPod IP. (Find it by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Click blue arrow next to your Wi-Fi > IP Address)
    6- For username and password type:
    User: root
    Pass: alpine
    8- For "file Protocal" select SCP
    9- Now go to the following directory in your iPhone / iPod: ./private/var/
    10- Back-Up "android.img.gz", "zImage" file. And also back-up the "psfreedom" folder if you have it.
    11- Delete both after back-up.
    12- Open the "Downgrade" folder in your desktop, than select your device.
    13- Drag both files into WinSCP
    14- Highlight both files, right click and go to Properties. Set Octal to 0777. Press OK
    15- Close WinCP, and go to your "Flash Drive" folder that should be inside the "Downgrade" folder that is in your desktop.
    16- Insert your USB Storage Device in your computer, and format it or delete any files inside of it.
    17- Grab the file of the first step folder, and copy them both over to the USB Device of your choice.
    18- Insert second USB device in your PC. (Skip this step if you only have 1 USB Device)
    19- Copy the files inside the "Second" folder into your second USB Device. (Skip this step if you only have 1 USB Device)
    20- Remove flashdrive, and go to your PS3.
    21- Turn your PS3 completely OFF! (Turn off by power switch after stand-by)
    22- Power your iPhone / iPod OFF as well!
    23- Connect your iPhone / iPod into your PS3.
    24- Start your iPhone up, and press the home button to select the Android robot. Then press the lock button to choose it.
    25- Turn your PS3 on the back, and when you see "Device Ready" turn on your PS3 completely.
    26- The PS3 will sit there for couple minutes, and it should turn off.
    27- Remove your iPhone / iPod from it, and turn your PS3 back on.
    28- If controller is not working, use USB cable with controller.
    29- Turn off PS3. And get your first USB Device.
    30- Put into the LAST USB port in your PS3.
    31- Turn on your PS3.
    32- Wait about 5 minutes, and your PS3 should automatically turn off.
    33- Now go see if your PS3 downgraded. You should now be on 3.41!
    34- Now turn off system, and grab your second USB device. (Or erase your first USB, and put the second files in it.)
    35- Put your USB in your PS3 last USB port, and turn your PS3 back on. Your PS3 should turn off after about 10 second. Remove USB, and start your PS3 up.
    36- Your PS3 should be in factory reset. (Brand new.) Set every thing up.
    37- Now you should successfully be on 3.41! Now just jailbreak like you would

    thank you



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