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    Gold Guns/Prestige titles at any prestige


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    Gold Guns/Prestige titles at any prestige Empty Gold Guns/Prestige titles at any prestige

    Post  russ531995 on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:18 am

    To do this you will have to be 15th Prestige in Combat Training, then you will carry over the Golden Camo and Title etc into Online.

    First you need to create a your custom Game Mode
    1. Go into Private Match and Change the Game Type to Search and Destroy.
    2. Then go to Edit game Options and have theses settings;
    Time Limit: Unlimited
    Allow Killcam: Disabled
    Number of Lives: Unlimited
    Max Health: Minuscule
    Custom Killstreak: 1kill - Dogs / 2kill Gunship
    3. Now save your custom game mode into a free slot in your File Share.

    The second thing you will need to do is turn Combat Training in Search and Destroy
    1. Go to Private Match, and go to Playercard, click File Share and load your Custom game you made.
    2. Now go to Edit Game Options and Press square and save it in the same slot of your custom game.
    3. Go back to playercard, click File Share, now this time you will need to delete your custom Game type. (Press X, click yes to remove)
    4. Now go back to Edit Game Options and press Square again, now save it in a open slot in your File Share.
    5. Now switch the lobby to Combat Training.
    6. Click switch lobby and hover over Private Match, click Circle (BACK) when you have done this.
    7. Now go to Playercard and go to File Share, now go the your custom Game Type and Hover over "Load Game"
    8. Once your hovering it, Press X four times, really fast!
    9. You should now see the Combat training Game Type is the custom game type you made earlier.
    10. Now start the game, it will be a regular SnD game but you can Spawn kill them with your Gunship.
    (The reason why I said u should use DOGS was because they can kill all the enemy that are scattered to place them back into there spawn spot)

    You can also have more bots/diers.. you can have up to 17 diers so that you can reach level 50 in 10 minutes!
    To do this follow the instructions;
    1. Start the game
    2. Once the game has started end the game straight away
    3. Your lobby should now say you can have 18 players.
    4. Invite your diers
    5. Go to game Edit and change the amount off friends on your team to 9
    6. Once the game has started tell your friends/diers to switch team
    7. So its you against 17 bots

    Once you reach level 50 in Combat Training you will need to Prestige.
    To do this follow the instructions;
    1. Have a friend invite you to Player Match
    2. Edit Playercard
    4. Have your friend switch lobbies to Combat Training
    5. Hit Prestige then Enter Prestige

    Repeat this 15 times, this can take you up to a whole day to get to 15th prestige, but this is the only way to get to golden guns and titles.

    Once you are now 15th Prestige, you should see you now have the Golden Camo unlocked.
    Follow these steps on how to tranfer it to your Online classes;
    (You must have atleast 50,000CP Online as this is the Price for Gold Camo)

    1. Go to Player Match and Create a Class with the weapon you want Gold
    2. Have a friend invite you to Player Match
    3. Tell him to switch the lobby to combat
    4. Go to create a class and choose the weapon you want Gold
    5. Go over to the Guns Camo and select the Gold camo
    6. Hover over "Buy and Equipt"
    7. Tell your friend to now switch the lobby to "Player Match"
    8. Press X on "Buy and Equipt"
    9. You should now have the GOLD Camo on the gun you wanted!

    You can do this for the 15th prestige Title and Emblems, just do the same thing as the above instructions!

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