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    Other OS install Empty Other OS install

    Post  jdlun_ on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:46 pm

    Requirements for Installing "Other OS"
    -Personal computer (PC)
    -PS3 (a free space of 10 MB or more must be available on the hard disk)
    -PC with Internet
    -Any of the following recording media with a free space of 10 MB or more:
    USB memory device
    USB-connectable hard disk
    Empty CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVE+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-R, or BD-RE disc
    Memory Stick
    SD memory card
    Compact Flash

    -Reader/writer for the above Memory Stick, SD card, Compact Flash, or CD/DVD disc.

    Step 1
    Connect your PC with the storage media that you have selected from the list above

    Step 2
    Create folders to store the installer and the boot loader on the recording medium.
    Using the PC, create a folder named "PS3" (no quotations) under the root directory of the recording medium you have prepared.
    In the "PS3" folder you have just created, create another folder named "otheros" (no quotations).

    You will store the file otheros.self from Step 3 into the "otheros" folder.

    Step 3
    Download the otheros.self installer from this site using the PC, and save it in the "otheros" folder you have created in step 2.

    The following conditions have to be true for the PS3 to recognize the installer:
    The file has been saved in the "otheros" folder.
    The file has been saved with the name "otheros.self".
    The folder and/or file name contains no double-byte character.

    Step 4
    Obtain the boot loader file for the "Other OS" you want to install from the provider. In this case (Yellow Dog Linux), we get the boot loader file otheros.bld from Terrasoft:

    Then save the otheros.bld boot loader file in the "otheros" folder created in step 2 with the name, "otheros.bld".

    Step 5
    Insert the recording medium on which the installer is saved into the card slot, disk drive, or the USB port of the PS3. Do not turn off the power or remove the recording medium during the installation. Interrupting the installation process may cause damage.

    Step 6
    Select [Install Other OS] from [System Settings] of [Settings] on the PS3's normal home menu. This initiates a search for the installer and displays its location. Click [OK] to start the installer.

    Step 7
    Perform the installation according to the instructions displayed by the installer. Once the installation completes, The [Default System] menu item appears in [System Settings] of [Settings] on the home menu .

    Starting Boot Loader
    After you have completed the installation in step 7, specify "Other OS" by selecting menu items in the following order: home menu > [Settings] > [System Settings] > [Default System] > "Other OS". This causes its boot loader to be started every time PS3 boots up.

    For information about the way to switch from the "Other OS" to the PS3 system software, contact the provider of the "Other OS".

    FYI, the PS3 system software can be forcibly booted up even when an "Other OS" has been selected as 「Default System」by holding down the Power button for about 5 seconds or more at power on, although this forcible boot resets the screen resolution to the factory default.

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