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    Black Ops cheats


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    Black Ops cheats Empty Black Ops cheats

    Post  you_da_jew on Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:07 am

    The way you put in cheats are by pressing L2 and R2 to get out of the chair or it is R bumper and L bumper then you walk around till u find a computer you press square to get on the computer or you press X then you put in 3ARC UNLOCK to get all zombies maps

    -Peace you_da_jew

    Ok just to add to what you_da_jew said already thereis also another cheat.
    Have any of you tried so hard to get all intel?? Well work no more!!!
    All you have to do is get up out of the chair at the start when you turn on the game you can do this by repeatedly tapping L2 and R2 (PS3)
    or LB (XBOX 360). Once your out of the chair go behind it and you will see a computer, get on the computer and type in 3ARC INTEL.
    There you go all intel!!! Please comment and tell us about things to add to this website.



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    Black Ops cheats Empty Re: Black Ops cheats

    Post  jdlun_ on Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:12 am

    NICE NICE NICE UR MKIN ME PROUD I MADE U CO keep goin for teh admin

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